Frontenac is a city located in central-eastern St. Louis County with a population of 3,482 at the time of the 2010 census. Stretching across 2.88 square miles, the city’s name is inspired by the Château Frontenac, an illustrious hotel in Quebec, Canada.

In the early 1940s, the area of Frontenac was laid out by husband and wife Benjamin and Lora Wood. Both were land owners who enjoyed frequent trips up north to the Canadian region and the city of Quebec, in particular. With such an affinity for the Quebec area and a deep love for the Château Frontenac, they decided to name their newly acquired 26-and-a-half-acre area the Frontenac Estates.

In 1945, the Wood family sold off their land and subdivisions within Frontenac Estates were created. Two years later, Jacquard Land and Clayton Terrace, notable residents of the area, petitioned to the St. Louis County Court to be incorporated as the Village of Frontenac. With an annexation of an additional 967 acres by the end of 1948, Frontenac would eventually reincorporate as a fourth-class city in 1950.

Residents of Frontenac are served by the Ladue and Kirkwood School Districts.

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