Brentwood is a city in St. Louis County, located just south of the county seat in Clayton. Covering 1.96 square miles with a population of 8,055 at the time of 2010 census, it has a population, at the time of the 2010 census of 8,055 residents.

In 1804, the area that encompasses Brentwood was initially made up of three land purchases, from three separate families. As the decades followed into the 1870s, the land would have 10 separate property owners and would originally gain the name of Maddenville, thanks in part to the prominence of owner and businessman Thomas Madden. Upon arrival, Madden created quite the footprint, purchasing one hundred acres for farming. He also owned and operated a rock quarry and built a grocery store, tavern, barber shop and blacksmith shop.

A famous streetcar line known as “The Dinky” was built in 1890 between St. Louis City and Maddenville. It was later expanded to the southwestern region near Kirkwood. This, along with the Missouri Pacific rail service and the automobile boom, made Maddenville a hit for families in the early 1900s, with many landowners selling lots and building homes for newcomers.

The neighboring city of Maplewood was eyeing Maddenville closely in 1919, as it was looking to plan an election that would append Maddenville’s region into Maplewood. In order to prevent this, residents decided to incorporate as a village in December of that year. Maddenville would also undergo a name change during the incorporation and officially be changed to Brentwood.

Residents of Brentwood are served by the Brentwood School District.

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